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I Smell Something Fishy Part I  Tuesday October 6th  6:00 - 9:00 pm
How I Became A Paid Caregiver Part I      Tues Nov 12
A Guide to Nursing Homes   Thurs Nov 17
Ebay Part I   Wed Dec 8
Ebay Part II  Tues Dec 9
All About Paypal  Tues Dec 15
Looking for My Ancestors Wed Dec 16
Free and Discounted Things for Seniors  Thurs Dec 17
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Not all classes are taught in every school. I f you are searching for a specific class, please see my calendar. 

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I've been teaching at Parma in the Adult Education Department at Valley Forge High School in Parma Ohio for the past six years and have loved every minute of it.

If you are searching for unusual classes, then you came to the right page.

My classes are centered on making money and learning how to protect yourself both online as well as in everyday life. You will find my classes are not your normal everyday adult ed classes and you will find yourself coming back for more. I teach what other instructors are afraid to teach.

If you are looking for continuing education, or just searching for pleasure and leisure classes and you're tired of the same old Bridge and movie classes, then take some of my courses. I promise you, they will truly be eye openers.

You will find that my classes will give you great job opportunites like learning how to become a paid Caregiver by caring for your ill loved ones at home.

Most of my classes are taught in computer labs, so you not only get the experience of hands on education, but you will also brush up on your computer skills as well.

My classes all have interactive CDs. These CDs have the majority of the class on them, so you don't have to worry about taking notes. They are jam packed with important links for you to click on while having everything you need at your finger tips. 


The Parma City School District believes in life-long learning. The Adult Education department offers
courses and programs to help our community members achieve gainful employment, learn new skills,
and improve opportunities for themselves and their families.
We invite you to explore all that we have to offer for adult learners in the communities we serve.


Susan Sheehan
Supervisor, Adult Education Services

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3. Call: Have your credit card ready and dial 440-886-7601
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