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Hi, I'm Peggy Muraco and I am an Adult Education instructor at numerous schools and colleges in the Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina, and Portage county areas.  


It was 2004 when my teaching career began with a class titled... How I Became A Paid Caregiver. I had experienced what the life of a Caregiver was all about when I cared for my mother who suffered a stroke from 1998 to 2004. I personally experienced the hardship and suffering each Caregiver goes through and was determined that when my Mom went home to be with Lord, I would share that acquired information with others, so that they would not suffer both physically and financially the way my family suffered. 


My goal in life is to share this knowledge with others through seminars and classes, so that they may be able to care for their loved ones in their own safe home environment while at the same time get compensated for doing so. 


The most precious gift that we can give our loved ones as well as ourselves is the gift of memories. You can enjoy lifetime memories knowing that you gave your loved one the best possible care at the end of their lives in a home surrounded with love and affection.   


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My Life as a Caregiver or


How to Get Paid While Caring for your Loved One at Home

through Ohio's Medicaid Programs



My life as a Caregiver...


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 In April 1998 when my mother suffered a stroke, I was advised by a social worker that she was no longer able to live by herself and she would have to be placed in a nursing facility for the rest of her life. Unable to accept that suggestion, I immediately advised the social worker that I would be bringing my mother home to live with me. Not having had any prior medical experience, I found myself making many errors and losing large amounts of money. It wasn’t long afterwards that I became financially devastated.

       I emailed President Clinton in hopes that he would somehow be able to advise me in my
situation and to my surprise the Clinton Administration responded! Shortly afterwards, Mr. Daniel W. Burkhardt, Deputy Assistant to the President, Director of Correspondence and Presidential Messages wrote and informed me that help was on the way. I received a call from the State Capital and received a visit from the county. My mother was placed on a Medicaid State run program  and I was able to get paid for taking care of her in my very own home!
      Throughout that time, I acquired a great deal of knowledge regarding Medicare, Medicaid, and the many programs that the public were unaware of. I also learned that there were many other people in Ohio who were desperately seeking the information that I had.
      Throughout those 6-½ years, my mother suffered greatly as her strokes continued. I became more aware of the complications that a caregiver encountered as well as the many financial responsibilities that were involved.
      When my mother went home to be with the Lord on September 3, 2004, I not only lost my mother, but I lost my job as well. It was at that time that I decided to go forth to the public and teach others how they too might be able to get paid for caring for their critically ill loved ones at home rather than placing them in a nursing facility. I was hired by 11 different schools to teach this course in their Adult Education programs.  
      Not only do I teach in multiple schools, I occasionally hold seminars throughout Ohio, so that those who are unable to attend the classes are still able to acquire the knowledge and possibly get help on how to become a paid Caregiver as well.




Caregiving Classes are held at the following locations...
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Cuyahoga Valley Career Center
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Personal Interest & Leisure:
Ken Hudiak – 440.746.8210



All Day Caregiving Workshop!

7300 North Palmyra Rd.
Canfield, Ohio 44406
(330) 729-4100 (Adult)

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Maplewood Career Center
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Instructor: Peggy Muraco 

Learn how instructor placed her mother on
Medicaid, kept all her assets, obtained free
legal documents required of a caregiver, and
saved money by requesting specific medical
equipment. CD  $37.25 payable to
instructor on first night of class.


Medina County Career Center
Getting Paid While Caring for Your Loved One -

Learn how you can earn pay for being a caregiver for a family member through Medicaid.

330.725.8461 • 866.896.6222



Berea Adult Education
(Now handled w/ Polaris)


Are you a stay-at-home caregiver? This class will show you how I placed my mother on Medicaid, was able to keep all of her assets rather than surrender them, get paid for taking care of her at home, and how you might be able to do the same thing. You will receive contact numbers on how to get started should you be eligible, as well as learn about the dangers of nursing home agreements, medical equipment, and much more. This is the only class taught in this subject in the State of Ohio. This is one class you can’t afford to miss!

Call 440-891-7600
Peggy Muraco, Instructor 


Parma Community Education
Classes held at Valley Forge High School

Susan Sheehan

Adult Education 

Valley Forge High School
9999 Independence Blvd.
Parma Hts, OH 44130

Voice 440-885-8317
Fax 440-885-8314





Lorain County Community College
1005 N Abbe Rd 
 Elyria, OH 44035




Polaris Career Center
7285 Old Oak Blvd
Middleburg Heights, OH